D.C. Recycling & Bottle Depot

By now, we are all aware of how fragile and precious our environment is. Last year alone Dawson Creek recycled 7,210,919 beverage containers. At D.C. Recycling, we make it easy to be a greener citizen by providing recycling services for nearly every recyclable product out there. Most of us recycle everyday items such as cans and bottles, but did you know that there are recycling programs for everything from toasters to table saws, or vacuums to video games.

Recycle Everyday Containers into Extra Money

At D.C. Recycling we accept all of your cans, plastic, and glass bottles, and give you a full refund for all of your beverage containers. The refund for beer cans and bottles is 10 cents. By recycling, we all benefit. Not only does it keep recyclable materials out of our landfills, but it takes far less energy to manufacture new products from recycled materials than it does from raw resources.

We Recycle Batteries, Household Appliances and Electronics

We specialize in non-magnetic metal recycling, and have also recently added steel recycling. All metals have value. Examples of metals that we purchase are: aluminum, copper pipe and wire, brass, stainless steel, batteries, insulated wires, motors, ballasts, radiators, rims, and catalytic convertors. We handle materials of any quantity, any shape, and any form. The process is simple. Separate your material; then we weigh your material. The weight X current price = $ in your pocket! ID is required for all transactions.

Please contact us for current pricing. Prices may change daily.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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